"No one, not one person came to the performance to hear a sound system."
"Acoustic engineering's last outpost of common sense."
"The transfer of emotions from the artist to every member of the audience is our goal, the sound and acoustics are just the transfer medium."
-Steven Durr

Known and respected throughout the world for its talent and expertise in all areas of acoustical design, Steven Durr Designs has specialized in audio/sound system design, recording studio design, performance audio, sound reinforcement, architectural acoustics, sound isolation and noise control for more than 30 years.

With an impressive list of prestigious clients, Steven Durr Designs is routinely recommended by those with such varied needs as Disney, Willie Nelson, NASCAR Motor Speedways, Library of Congress, Hilton Hotels, DreamWorks Studios, Nissan Manufacturing, Vanderbilt University, Austin City Limits, and the Cleveland Browns.

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