Sound Reinforcement / Noise Control / Electro Acoustics Design

Many environments are impacted by either outside noise and vibration sources, such as traffic, subways, trains, or aircraft; or in-house noise and vibration sources, such as industrial plant noise, HVAC systems, and room-to-room transmissions that will mask and/or detract from the sound of a performance, recording, or any form of media playback or presentation.

Outstanding results in the correction of difficult acoustical issues has placed Steven Durr Designs in the premier position among Acoustical Consultants. Using the latest computer-aided test equipment, we perform a complete acoustical evaluation for each environment thereby insuring that the highest standards of noise criteria are met. Steven Durr Designs' professional knowledge and listening skills allows a correct interpretation of the numerous variables, producing unparalleled results.

Every acoustical/sound system interface is unique, requiring both engineering and art to produce clear, true sonic performance. This unique ability to incorporate art and technology successfully in any environment is a specialty of Steven Durr Designs. Whether the project is a small room, such as a recording studio control room, or a large performance venue, Steven Durr Designs chooses the proper speaker systems and associated electronics.

Each and every system is chosen specifically for the client's individual, unique setting, with pure, clear sonic performance always the final result.

Acoustical Design / Consulting

Working in conjunction with architects, facilities directors, and/or private owners, we provide clear, common sense solutions for all types of acoustic and electro-acoustic issues. Our expertise enables any studio, church or venue to have both spectacular performance audio and clear articulate speech no matter how difficult the acoustics of the room appear.

Today's technology offers the user virtually unlimited features but because. A wealth of features usually creates a poverty of listening and creative mixing skills, we have become experts in reconfiguring and enhancing of existing sound systems. This uncommon process will transform any mediocre-sounding venue into magical experience and translates into a cost savings many times the fees paid to our firm.

Although acoustics has traditionally been considered solely an art form, Steven Durr Designs provides a unique approach. It is our philosophy that it is impossible to do the artistic magic without a clear understanding of the basics of the technology available in today's world and a passion for the art form. Our unique practice of educating the design team helps insure a shared vision for the project and a confident and knowledgeable design team. Every person at Steven Durr Designs is dedicated to customer service.

As independent consultants, Steven Durr Designs does not represent any product manufacturer, supplier, or other service provider. Therefore, our clients are assured that our recommendations are free from bias and focused only on the best, most cost-effective solutions for the issues at hand.

Engineering Of Architectural Acoustics

A venue's architectural design directly affects the quality of acoustics throughout the entire facility. The Steven Durr Designs team has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the acoustic properties of a wide variety of spaces, building materials, construction methods, and architectural details, and their impact on acoustics and the cost of construction. This knowledge and experience allows Steven Durr Designs to individually design the acoustical needs of virtually any project.

A common misconception in performance audio is that clear, natural speech cannot be achieved within a "musical" environment. Steven Durr Designs has the knowledge and expertise to design spaces that support both beautiful music and clear speech simultaneously.

Design / Integration of Emergency Communication Sound Systems

2010 NFPA 72 (National Fire Protection Association's National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code), passed in 2010 requires all buildings and venues with occupancy of over 300 people to provide a Mass Notification & Emergency Communications sound system (ECS).

This system will address a "non fire emergency". Because this new and challenging code will require a facility to meet certain loudness and intelligibility standards for emergency communications which have never been required before, it will have a huge impact on building design and construction. This ECS system must provide door to door alert notification.

Steven Durr Designs, LLC has been involved in the design, implementation and proof of performance of high intelligibly sound systems in very difficult acoustical environments for many years. We are on the forefront of developing an ECS system for sports venues and other large gathering places. We are currently developing an extremely high intelligibly speaker system with a 360 degree coverage for exclusive use in ECS systems. Because we have been involved in this process, we are knowledgeable about the new building requirements and equipment available to integrate into your current environment.

This new code will affect the type, number and placement of loudspeakers and limit the design team from simply hiding the speakers for aesthetic reason. We are accustomed to providing high intelligibility systems designs into aesthetically sensitive environments.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns or assist your firm with a design to meet this new code requirement.

TV / Film / Recording Studio Design

Television, film, and recording studios depend on a solid, reliable, comfortable, yet exciting environment. Steven Durr Designs has designed over fifteen hundred studios for all types of audio, video, graphic and film production companies. These production and recording studios not only produce the absolute best final product possible, but are also comfortable, little or no learning curve, and work oriented.

Steven Durr Designs provides services to meet the individual requirements of each client. Services range from evaluation and recommendations for an existing studio, to complete design packages "from the ground up", including facility layout, sound isolation, architectural acoustics, and lighting and mechanical systems recommendations.

In conjunction with our subsidiary High Emotion Labs, we offer a proprietary system of room/speaker interface and equalization, Full Temporal Alignment (FTA) unmatched in the industry. This process allows our all of our clients to mix a project in their control room and be assured it translates exactly to the outside world from day one, completely eliminating any guess work or disappointments. Our control rooms are world renowned as the most accurate, enjoyable monitoring environments available